Design: graphic, web and ebook

Scenario 1:
You’re a writer and you want a personal website for your books and your blog.

Solution 1: I set up the webhosting, register the site/blog, and establish template and content management. I leave you with the skills to go forward.




Organization of garages, attics and basements

Scenario 2:
Your garage is full of boxes and bicycles. You need a place to put your tools and your lawnmower.

Solution 2: I sort. I take this pile to Goodwill. I mark these things for the rummage sale. I hang the tools and wheel the lawnmower into its corner.





Scenario 3:
The washer breaks. You’ve got a big day at work that you can’t miss. The kids have to get picked up from school. Your mom is flying in for the weekend.

Solution 3: While waiting for the repair service, I make a pie. I pick the kids up from school and we pick up your mom at the airport. The kitchen is spotless, soup’s on, and the downstairs is in great shape. You come home into a happy home and family. Your mom loves the pie.



Gardening, composting and maintenance solutions

Scenario 4:
It’s hard to find time to clean up the garden and your yard is full of leaves. All that debris could be fertilizing next year’s harvest. It bothers you to throw out coffee grounds and potato peelings.

Solution 4: I come and rake the leaves, chop some up and spread them on the lawn for the winter. Next year your lawn is luscious. We discuss the composting solution that’s right for you. I set up everything up to get you started. It’s attractive, easy, and smart. You’re proud!


Scenario 5:
 Your spare bedroom has needed painting for months, maybe years, and now you have a guest arriving. You need help choosing a color and finishing the job by the end of the week.

Solution 5: We choose a beautiful color. I pick up the paint and any supplies and have the room ready and waiting for your out of town guest.



Elderly concierge holding hands and giving support

Scenario 6:
You live out of town, your parents still live in your childhood home, or are happy in assisted living. You visit as much as you can, but it’s not often enough with a career, kids, and responsibilities to juggle.

Solution 6: I pick them up for shopping, a visit to the museum or lunch out. We visit the library, pick up a few groceries and then return home for a cup of tea and Scrabble.