Two of my friends, within the last week, have both used unconventional, and creative techniques to give donations to causes they support. Both friends have used given guidelines to their advantage, and will make a difference in the lives of other.

* “At Job Lot I bought a $40 men’s Totes winter coat. Then I donated it to Coats for Vets. Then Job Lot gave me a $40 gift card.” PM
* “Because I work for a company with a very generous charitable matching program, my employer will match our contributions – our $5,000 will turn into $10,000 alongside your $10,000. Our donation will be directed specifically to the UNIDOS Program of the Hispanic Federation as this program is already approved for in our corporate charitable matching program. Your $1 turns into $2 and possibly more if your employer also has a matching gift program.” MA
Guerrilla Philanthropy.  What will we do?